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Professional Learning Day for SNAs - Autism

Professional Learning Day for SNAs - Autism






A recording of this event will be made available to all registrants the day after the event. However, it will automatically delete after 4 weeks. The recording is strictly for registrants only and is not to be shared with anyone. Once you register strictly no refunds.

All attendees will recieve a cert of attendance for 4.5 hours.

Session 1 - 9.30 - 10.45am

Using Visual Supports in the Classroom

“I am a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google images” – Dr. Temple Grandin.

Autistic children are visual learners. Discover how you can work to autistic strengths by using a range of visual supports in the classroom.

Do you have visual supports in your classroom but unsure when, how, or even why you are using them? We will explore the rationale for these supports and you will leave more confident at supporting your autistic students going forward.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants will gain a greater understanding of why we use visual supports in the classroom and how they are of benefit to our students.
  2. Participants will learn about a range of visual supports and be able to identify the appropriate supports for their own students.
  3. Participants will learn when and how to appropriately use various visual supports with students.

Presenter Bio

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Jessie is a teacher and deputy principal with 11 years’ experience educating autistic children and young adults in a range of specialized settings. Before beginning her teaching journey, Jessie spent some time working as a Special Needs Assistant with Autistic children. She has a passion for autism education and strives to support every child that she encounters in reaching their fullest potential.

Session 2 - 11.00 - 12.15

Promoting a Sense of Autistic Pride in Students

In this presentation, we will take a fresh look at what it really means to support autistic students. We will explore the shift towards neuro-affirmative practice and what this means for schools, and discuss the impact that catering for individual needs can make. We will focus on the importance of looking to autistic voices for guidance. Participants will leave with some practical strategies and ideas that can be used to promote positive self-image in autistic learners and create a wider culture of embracing neurodiversity in our schools.
Presenter Bio - Michelle Lyons Doyle
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Michelle Lyons-Doyle is a neurodivergent primary school teacher with more than 10 years experience of supporting autistic students as a home tutor, mainstream, SET and autism class teacher. She believes strongly in the need to create a school culture that values the unique perspective of all students and celebrates diversity in all its forms. Michelle is currently undertaking further post-graduate studies in the area of autism. She is also the Chairperson of Triple A Alliance Wicklow, a local autism and ADHD support group and is Mum to an autistic child. Michelle shares ideas, information, the occasional cat meme and everyday life on her Instagram page, @StarStarAutism .

 Session 3 - 12.45 - 14.00

Understanding Autistic Masking & Trauma

In this enlightening session tailored for Special Needs Assistants (SNAs), explore the intricate dynamics of autistic masking and its intersection with trauma. As frontline supporters, SNAs play a pivotal role in the lives of autistic individuals, offering vital support and guidance.

In this presentation we will discuss what is Autistic Masking, the effects of Autistic Trauma on our students and to understand the why of Autistic students experiencing meltdown, thereafter discussing strategies of support for Autistic students, autonomy, self advocacy and agency.

Understanding the complex phenomenon of masking is essential for creating inclusive and supportive environments where every individual can thrive authentically.

Through practical strategies and empathetic insights, empower yourself to recognize the signs of masking and trauma, and cultivate a nurturing environment where individuals can feel safe to express their true selves. Join us in this transformative exploration, as we equip SNAs with the knowledge and tools to foster genuine understanding, acceptance, and support for autistic individuals navigating the complexities of masking and trauma.

Presenter Bio

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Amanda Mc Guinness is the Prepare Me Manager in AsIAm. She is an Autistic Advocate and an Autism & Visual Supports Specialist. She is a Law Graduate and is currently undertaking a Master of Childhood Speech Language and Communication Needs at University Galway. She is the creator of the “Auti” character online through her social media, which teaches and educates on Autistic lived experiences. Her areas of specialism include Visual Supports, Autistic Identity & Culture, Autistic Masking, Autistic Communication, and Autistic Lived Experience Education.She has extensive experience supporting Autistic children and their families.

Event Information

Event Date 20-04-2024 9:30 am
Event End Date 20-04-2024 2:00 pm
Cut off date 26-04-2024 10:00 am
Individual Price €20.00
Speaker Speakers to be announced in the coming weeks
Number Hours 4.5
Location Online Webinar

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